CCarchitecture offers an experienced, cost-effective and personal architectural service, which ensures that clients receive intricate designs for their property. We have a wealth of experience with planning for domestic builds, such as first storey extensions and new builds. By working closely with our clients, we seek to provide them with a detailed design that adheres to their requirements.

After conducting a thorough full site survey of your property or grounds, we are able to develop detailed designs for your prospective build. We will supply you with 2D and 3D CAD drawings, as well as a modelled version of the building, which gives you a comprehensive understanding of how the build will look. With each design, we focus on a design that combines spacious areas with natural light.

In addition, we will obtain all the documentation required for your build, which includes;

We have direct contact with local authorities, which ensure that the property complies with the local authority’s regulations and makes sure that you receive the construction that you want.